We are a dedicated interior design and remodeling company. We focus on delivering attentive professional customer service combined with excellent workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering classic, yet daring design concepts that are always custom tailored to our clients needs and desires. Our skilled contractor family are exceptional. They are always friendly, courteous, innovative and deliver top quality installations. We offer all services in-house, from architectural, remodel construction, finish selections to the furnishings and accessories. There is no job too big or too small. We happily work with all budgets. While our home is located in Houston, Texas, we accept client’s nationally and internationally.

We strive to remain on point with current industry and design trends. Equally important to us, is to set ourselves apart within our industry. We achieve this through creating and offering our clients innovative and unique design options, that are a true reflection of who they are and how they desire to live within their home. Our passion for our craft and design aesthetic, is always echoed in the delivery of our customer service and the installation of our quality interiors and remodels. Our mission is to always enhance and compliment the living environments of our clients, while taking all of the stress out of the process. Our homes are the backdrops for most of life’s moments and memories. We love that we are able to play a creative roll in enhancing these life experiences for our clients.

Our team of skilled contractors has been years in the making. It was important that we found contractors that shared our passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. We are proud to call our contractors our extended family. They always deliver their skilled craft at the highest level, with a friendly disposition and so much pride in their work. We are excited to be able to offer all area’s of skilled labor to all of our current and future remodeling projects. We felt it was paramount that we assembled a team of talented and reliable contractors to implement our custom designs. This eliminated the guess work out of the final result, enabled us to have more control over our projects and allows us to deliver a unique experience to our clients where they truly can rely on our expertise to get their job done.

President/Founder/Principal Designer 
Designs, creates and delivers with passion 

Caroline was born and raised in Australia. During the mid 1990’s she discovered her passion for color, design and interiors through her worldly travels. Unable to resist her creative desires, Caroline’s true artistic journey began 22 years ago as a self taught artist. She founded her first company, “The Artists Hands” and has enjoyed many years of success in this field of design and artistic finishes. While she still operates this company today, Caroline was unable to resist the urge to explore her other passions, interior design and remodeling. In 2008, Caroline completed her first flip property. A new passion was truly discovered for herself. Her passion for remodeling and interior design has become her main focus today. Having worked in the industry as a decorative artist since 2002, it felt like a very natural transition for her. Caroline is truly happiest when she is creating and bringing to life, artistic and provocative living environments. Her passion for design is obvious in her attention to her clients, the details and execution of each and every project. She is extremely hands on from the design phase through to overseeing the construction side of the project as well. Caroline continues to enjoy the art of flipping investment properties. She equally enjoys working with clients to help bring their design dreams and desires to life. Caroline feels blessed to work her passions and is extremely proud of her extended contractor family, that continue to work alongside of her to create exquisite living environments.